The Choice

WATCH “THE CHOICE” And You’ll Never think About Abortion the same way again.


One in four American women will have an abortion over a lifetime. That’s double the number of women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer in a lifetime (one in eight). Yet, this staple of women’s reproductive health care remains shrouded in taboo and stigma. Because it has been so politicized, it is possible that Roe v. Wade will be eroded or overturned in this term of the Supreme Court.

I have created “The Choice” as a way to break through the stigma and broaden the conversation around abortion. In this work of fiction, each line tells is a different woman’s story. Coupled with the profiles of diverse women, it shows the complicated feelings and circumstances that surround abortion from the point of view of women. Once you see “The Choice,” you’ll never think about abortion the same way again.


What Can You Do:

Share it freely. This film is designed to be viewed privately or in groups and at public events. The key is to spark conversations about real women and their choice to have an abortion. Our hashtag is #choicevoices. Our email is If you know of affinity groups (your local women’s group, your book club, professional groups, reproductive rights organizations, etc.) please let them know about “The Choice!”

Invite me to speak to your group. For a powerful keynote, enlightening craft session, or evocative reading from my feminist body of work, book me here.

Donate now. The film is completed, but no one will see it if we don’t have the funds get it out there. Our job isn’t done—and can’t be done—without you! Thank you in advance for your continuing support for #choicevoices!



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