The Choice


The moment we read the stick, some of us buckled on the bathroom floor....Undecided, we waited too long. Decisive, we were instantly clear about what to do. We were happy about it until we weren’t.
— From "First Response" by Desiree Cooper

One in four American women will have an abortion over a lifetime. ONE IN FOUR. Yet the procedure remains shrouded in taboo and stigma, allowing it to remain the target of anti-choice activists. I believe that art can engender empathy, understanding, or at least conversation around topics that are profoundly polarizing. In 2016, I wrote a flash fiction story, “First Response,” about the many reasons why women may have an abortion, and the range of feelings they have about it. In 2018, I am making the story into a short film that can be shared privately, in groups or at public events to humanize the women and their personal choices.

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