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Dear Defender of Choice:

Now that you’ve experienced the evocative power of my short film,  “The Choice,”  I’m asking you to donate today, so that I can reach as many potential voters as possible. Your gift now will help me complete critical digital marketing before the midterms!

The Kavanaugh fight is over; what difference can pro-choice voters make in November?

Fun fact: If the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, it will mean that EACH STATE will be left to decide how much it will defend a woman’s right to choose. We don’t vote for members of the Supreme Court, but we do vote for the people who represent us in our state legislatures and in Congress. If we oust anti-choice legislators, it’s possible to institutionalize the rights under Roe v. Wade, STATE BY STATE.  

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As of 2017, 29 states have adopted enough abortion restrictions to be considered either hostile (6 states) or extremely hostile (23 states) to abortion rights, according to the Guttmacher Institute. That means that 58 percent of American women of reproductive age live in a state considered either hostile or extremely hostile to abortion rights.  

Are we prepared to create a nation of healthcare refugees where women must cross state lines in order to access reproductive health care? NO. An informed, motivated electorate can save us from a future like “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

“The Choice,”  is an important tool in helping to erase the stigma surrounding abortion care. It humanizes a choice that one in four women will make in a lifetime. With your donation, more people will see this important video, helping to change the conversation around a medical procedure shrouded in myth and shame.

Please consider donating today, so that we can push this video out in front of viewers nationwide! #choicevoices


The Writing Life: Take my class and turbo-charge your writing!

 Here are five good reasons to stop writing all by yourself:

1.       You don’t become a good tennis player by hitting against the wall. (Just sayin’.)


2.       You have no idea if your work resonates with readers unless you ask them. 

3.       You need to learn how to take critique—not from naysayers who want to tear you down, but from those who will help you think deeper and reach higher.

4.       You will be unable to kill your darlings on your own. You need accomplices.

5.       You’ll quit if you’re only accountable to yourself. Get a writing buddy or a writing group to help you stay on schedule and produce!

That’s why I’ve teamed up with Writing Workshops Detroit to offer you an instant writing community! Come join like-minded writers of all genres and all levels to talk about the role that narrative plays in your work. We’ll experiment. We will break it down and build it up. We’ll dissect and fiddle. We’ll have fun.

Here’s how we can meet up—take my class!!!

Turbo-Powered Narratives: A Master Class

When: Saturday, November 17, 2018 - 1:00PM TO 4:00PM

Where: Bamboo Detroit, 1420 Washington Blvd #301, Detroit, MI 48226

Class Description: Good writing shares a common element regardless of genre: powerful storytelling. This three-hour class will explore the critical elements of storytelling, and look at examples of story arc in poetry, fairytales, micro fiction and even jokes! Participants will learn how to deploy language to take readers on a journey, whether writing poetry, essays or short stories. The class will be generative and experimental, no need to bring previous work. Perfect for those who are stuck in their writing and looking for new inspiration, or for new writers who don’t know how to get started. 

Photo by Justin Milhouse

Photo by Justin Milhouse

(Skip this part if you already know about me): Desiree Cooper is a 2015 Kresge Artist Fellow, former attorney and Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist. Her debut collection of flash fiction, Know the Mother (Wayne State University Press, 2016), is a 2017 Michigan Notable Book that has won numerous awards, including the 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Award. Cooper’s fiction, poetry and essays have appeared in The Best Small Fictions 2018, Michigan Quarterly Review, Callaloo, Hypertext Review, Best African American Fiction 2010 and This is the Place, among other online and print publications. Cooper was a founding board member of Cave Canem, a national residency for emerging black poets. She is currently a Kimbilio Fellow, a national residency for African American fiction writers.  

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